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What about Hinata? If Naruto gets with Sakura Hinata would be heartbroken and look like a fool for risking her life for him. I've never shipped Sasusaku cause Sasuke is a jackass, but I ship naruhina. Maybe it would be best if no one but shikatema got together in the end....


What about Hinata? Does Hinata’s whole life revolves around Naruto? That’s what you think about her? Only about Naruto? Does Hinata = Naruto or else there’s no Hinata in the story? What, she cannot live outside a romantic relationship with Naruto? That’s how less you think of her?
See, this is what gets me ticked when it comes to some of the people who call themselves Hinata fans. I’m not saying how you should be acting if you’re her fan, but reducing her to simply this?! I mean, I get it, the way Kishi’s been writing her lately does make you wonder what’s more to Hinata beyond Naruto? Is there life for Hinata beyond him? Cause all we see her doing/saying is “Naruto-kun, Naruto-kun”… Makes one wonder what happened to those big desires to change herself and be better and change the ways of the Hyugas and all those things back from Part 1, you know? Things that used to make her want to yearn for her, but oh well…

Anyway, getting past that, let’s address a bit your concerns:

1. What about Hinata?

As the non big Hinata fan that people out there like to call me let me tell you one thing, first: STOP REDUCING HINATA TO A PAIRING-FODDER STATUS! That’s disturbing, really! Even for me, who is not such a big fan of hers now and it’s a disturbing thing. I’ve found myself in situations where I root more for Hinata than some of her so-called fans, but hey, shit happens.

Hinata has other priorities besides being at Naruto’s side forever and she’d better realize this! There’s life beyond Naruto as well, there’s a clan who is gonna soon be in need of a new heiress, someone to guide them in a world that’s as we can see, in a continuous search! She, as the heiress to that clan, must be thinking about that. I know, it sucks, but that’s it, she has to deal with it. And in my opinion, she should be focusing her attention more on that side than Naruto-kun’s side. She’s a really nice and kind girl, Hyugas would benefit to be ruled by such a kind-hearted girl after all the shit they’ve been also going through. But sadly, at the moment, miss Hinata seems to be having eyes-only for no one else than Naruto-kun and besides that, she’s so celf-centered on what she wants to do that she doesn’t even once pose herself the question what Naruto wants to do and that makes her selfish. Yes, I get it, she’s a sweet girl! I am not denying it and never had. But that doesn’t mean she’s not selfish. Even if she doesn’t do it intentionally, still doesn’t mean she isn’t selfish. She is, she is too self-centered because of her lack of confidence in herself and dependability on Naruto. Hopefully after she gets out of the IT she realizes that there’s life beyond Naruto as I said.

2. If Naruto gets with Sakura

  • Hinata would be heartbroken 

I am sorry to say it but… we’ve seen Hinata being a participant at a certain scene and while one would argue that in a natural way, given her feelings for Naruto, seeing Naruto being hugged by another girl would bother her somehow, she’d be jealous, something, yet, this is what we get:


A rather… I’d say cheerful and happy Hinata, not bothered in the slightest by the fact that the guy she says she loves, is being hugged by none other than Sakura, as we know.
On the other side of the spectrum, we have this reaction when Sakura realizes Hinata has feelings for Naruto:



Ironically, Sakura is the one who displays rather intriguing display of thoughts upon finding out that someone has feelings for Naruto, like she’s bothered a bit about it, we couldn’t put our fingers on it, but her thoughts and facial expression does let us see that Sakura, nonetheless, is slightly saddened, disturbed if you’d like to say it like that, by those facts.

So with that being said, I think we’re done here. Oh, before that, also let me add something else: it’s not Naruto neither Sakura’s faults either if they get together for any slight possible Hina heartbreaking. Naruto hasn’t ever lead her on give her to understand that he’d want something more with her than just a simple comradeship or whatever, like, for example he did with Sakura (calling her repeatedly on dates!), also neither Sakura isn’t guilty of anything either! It’s not like Hinata fought to get in Naruto’s attentions. Good things don’t come for those people who wait behind trees! Good things come for those people who work their butt off and do something about stuff - like Sakura actively involving herself in helping bringing Sasuke back with Naruto. Why didn’t Hinata involved herself even more in Naruto’s life? Because it was her choice to stay away and just watch. So, sorry, but neither owe her nothing. Plus, if she’s not that into her own world, by now she should’ve noticed how Naruto and Sakura act as a couple and all that. Sakura made a public commitment to Naruto in front of Kiba, her teammate! In front of her also, Naruto recognized that Sakura is in fact, his girlfriend. And Hinata didn’t seem bothered at all, she just goes on with wanting to be at Naruto’s side, not thinking about any other detail: if she can actually do it, if Naruto would want to have her and yada yada, just simple questions, but anyway, felt like addressing that too!

  • She would look like a fool for risking her life for him.

And why is that, if I may ask? What, she risked his life for him just to look good in front of his eyes, not because she wanted to actually risk her life for his sake? But that would make her selfish…! Oh, wait…

Look, why would she look like a fool for risking her life for him? I really don’t get it? Who says it? It’s a decision she took under some circumstances that given how they were, she decided to do so, but risking your life for someone does not, in any way, make you look like a fool! I mean, not in my book.

I may not agree with what she did and how she did it and why she did it, but I don’t consider her a fool for doing it. She had pure intentions at heart, it’s just that she forgot to think things thoroughly. She still has a lot to learn from this life…

Look, I understand you ship NaruHina and I wanna apologize if I came off as too harsh with my comments but really, I’d love if you NaruHina fans would give Hinata a tad bit more praise and respect outside of NaruHina? I mean, idk, stop treating her like the world will fall off her head if she doesn’t get with Naruto. That’s … disturbing. That’s bothering, idk. It bothers me!

If I were to be, I’d be more interested in seeing how she develops under the Hyuga heiress subplot. What she can bring the Hyugas? What change? What “revolution” (haha!:P)? 

But… that’s just me, I guess…